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Foreigners with US Masters degree may get Green card

Dear Students,

To attract the world's "best and the brightest", a group of top Democratic Senators proposed immediate Green Cards for foreigners with advanced degrees from American institutes and job offers, a good news for India which sends a large number of students to the US. At the same time, the Senators proposed tightening of the rules for H-1B and L1 visas.

The proposals being put forward by a coalition of powerful Democratic Senators are aimed at fixing the country's broken immigration system. The report drawn by Senators Charles E Schumer, Harry Reid and Bob Menendez said "The proposals will reform America'' high-skilled immigration system to permanently attract the world's best and brightest while preventing the loss of American jobs to temporary foreign labour contractors.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Senators proposed that a Green Card (permanent residency) will be immediately available to foreign students with an advanced degree from a United States institution of higher education in a field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, and who possess an offer of employment from a United States employer in a field related to their degree.

Given that India is among the countries sending maximum number of higher studies students in the field of science, mathematics, engineering and technology to the US; it is expected to benefit the most.

Under the current system, Indians have to wait for several years - some time even around a decade - to get the coveted Green Card, which is a step short of citizenship.

"Foreign students will be permitted to enter the United States with immigrant intent if they are a bona fide student so long as they pursue a full course of study at an institution of higher education in a field of science, technology, engineering or mathematics," the proposal said.

Reference : Indian Express

Dated on: Fri Apr 30 2010.

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